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Antioxidantien in food

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are chemical substances found in, for example, minerals and vitamins, and protect the body from corrosive oxygenation and fight free radicals.

A series of studies have shown that there is not much benefit from taking them as supplements. This is because in a large number of foods, thousands of antioxidants can play together, while there are only one or two antioxidants in dietary supplements.

Certainly, a diet rich in antioxidants can prevent or inhibit the development of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and alzheimer. Several studies have shown that there are the most antioxidants in organic fruits and berries. Also, ginger and turmeric are high in antioxidants.

Here you will find antioxidants in food:

All kinds of fruit and vegetables

Because plant phenols in isolation have been shown to have no major antioxidant effect in the human body. But it’s still a fact that fruits and vegetables protect you against cancer and heart disease, for example. because they contain dietary fiber and vitamins. You can best preserve the vitamins by eating your vegetables as a raw food.

How to opt for the antioxidants best

Get lots of vitamins from broccoli, kale, hyben, peppers and blackcurrant, and tank dietary fiber with peas, parsnips and pears.

Tomatoes and carrots

which includes carotenoids. They are transformed into the body of provitamin A, which is proven to be good for your vision, like serious research from the university in Düsseldorf has shown that lycopene, a carotenoid, protects your skin from dangerous UV radiation.

How to opt for the antioxidants best

Since carotenoids are fat soluble, you can better absorb them by putting tomatoes and carrots into soups and cooked dishes instead of eating them raw.

Nuts, eggs and plant oils

because they contain alpha-tocopherol, an Vitamin E that is necessary for the fat membranes surrounding our nerve cells, and for our entire neurological system to function optimally.

How to opt for the antioxidants best

Especially almonds, rapeseed oil and hazelnuts are rich in vitamin E.

Tea and chocolate

because they contain catechins, which are some of the antioxidants that have been found to be easiest for humans to ingest and which may prevent inflammation.

Other sources of antioxidants that are not worth it:

Dietary supplements with antioxidants

because in many cases they have proven to be more harmful than beneficial. Dietary supplements typically consist of single or two antioxidants, whereas the real product provides a refined interaction of antioxidants and other substances that do not create havoc.


That’s really pure power food per. 100 grams. But even if you really give that gas with the oregano when baking pizza, you probably do not even eat enough to make your kitchen weight blink with the eye. Therefore, they hardly contribute much to daily health.

Expensive imported berries

because antioxidants in the carriers have been shown to smoke virtually unprocessed from the body.

Red wine

Despite some positive features, it is still an alcohol that weakens the immune system and contributes to heart disease and several forms of cancer. Do you drink 3-6 items a week, your risk of breast cancer increases according to Cancer Control by eight percent. And it does not matter whether it’s breezer, beer or wine, you’re scolding down. The fact that they live longer in the Mediterranean because of the red wine is unfortunately a touching scorch, we like to fire when we bowl on Friday night after a hard week. It’s probably because of the good fat quality in your diet.

Here you will find the most antioxidants
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